Welcome to RBA Attorney Services!

For over 15 years now we've been dedicated to handling your attorney service needs. Our professional and courteous staff will handle all of your assignments as you would expect from a professional, seasoned and knowledgeable service. Serving of process, filing of your documents, court research as well as meeting your mobile photocopy needs anywhere on the Central Coast will be handled by our fully staffed office.

Our client base is ever growing rapidly. Prepare yourself for a hard working, diligent office and thorough completed assignments!



Our office provides filing, fax filing, research services, document retrieval and mobile photocopy. As we are close to the Santa Maria branch of the Santa Barbara County Superior Court, we can your last minute filings done for you. We are also able to get your San Luis Obispo County court filings done for you expeditiously as well.

Our Court Department is very knowledgeable and prides itself on its fax filing process. All work is reviewed prior to delivery to the courts and if there is a problem we will give you an immediate call. Also at the completion of all rush or same day filings, a conformed face page will be faxed to your office by the end of day.

Our company is a proud member of CALSPro and NAPPS.


All of our servers are registered and bonded. Our servers work long hard hours to get your papers served. This includes weekends, evenings and early mornings when necessary.

Rush assignments are given priority and attempted daily. Status is available with just a phone call.

Again, we are proud members of CALSPro and NAPPS



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